Aquarium design with redwood scaper wood

Predestined for aquascaping

Our delicately branched redwood scaper wood is the absolute highlight in the field of aquarium design. The tropical aquarium wood impresses with its extreme diversity and extravagance. Hardly any other natural wood fits so harmoniously into the natural environment of an aquarium as this real root wood.

Real eye-catchers for your aquarium

The all-rounder among the aquarium roots has real showpieces to offer. It is our passion to select these special specimens and make them accessible to you for your project. Check out this eye catcher:




Aren't these fascinating details?

An extremely beautiful, diverse root is often the central design element in an aquarium. A few plants, mosses and decorative stones perfect the layout to create an outstanding overall picture.

Create versatile habitats for aquariums 

Once integrated into the aquarium, it fulfills indispensable functions within the biotope. In this way, it creates the optimal basis for a varied living space. It not only offers fish and other creatures in the aquarium a nice environment, but also territory and hiding places. The roots can often be set up in an extremely versatile way and thus always create new incentives. Several woods can also be easily combined in sets. If you like it, you can create entire underwater forests with this aquarium wood. 


Redwood scaper wood matures in the aquarium like a fine wine

This wood only unfolds its full visual effect when it has been watered: Under water, the wood, which initially appears somewhat karstic, gradually takes on a soft reddish-brown hue, which creates a particularly natural flair. This maturation process usually takes place within a few weeks.

Extremely robust and durable

This great aquarium wood is also impressive in terms of quality. An important aspect is of course its low wear and durability under water. One or the other will perhaps think: "That goes without saying" - unfortunately not. Many of the inferior decorative woods sold on the market are not even suitable for permanent accommodation in aquariums or do not remain stable under water for long. Read more about it in our promise of quality.  

We tested the scaper wood Redwood: Hardly any other wood shows such good results in terms of its durability in the long-term test:

Even the classic domestic bog wood, which has always been known for its high durability, can hardly keep up. This applies in particular to the filigree branches, which with this wood can easily survive several years of use. In contrast, similar-looking inferior woods show clearly visible losses in quality over the same period. The wood of these roots is visibly fading and filigree branches are falling off, sometimes after just a few months.


What else you should know about our redwood scaper wood:

  • The wood is high-pressure cleaned and sandblasted
  • Can be used immediately in the aquarium
  • Also safe for very sensitive animals such as shrimp

Before you use the wood in the aquarium, note the following:

  • Should be weighed down with a stone or something similar in the beginning to prevent it from floating.
  • the water can become slightly cloudy at the beginning (humic substances).
  • Forms a whitish coating temporarily in the initial phase.


Our conclusion for you:

If you're looking for the perfect root for your aquarium, you can't go wrong with our redwood scaper wood. It covers all aspects of a diverse and detailed aquarium design. In particular, the wood scores with the multiple thin branches and the longevity, so that even the thin branches do not disappear after a short time.
With us you will find exactly the root that fits into your project.


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