Where does the interest in aquariums come from?

Water fascinates people. The attraction of the rivers, lakes and seas attracts thousands of visitors to the marine museums and public aquariums every year.
Studies suggest that the sight of the colorful water world and the representation of the diversity of nature have a positive influence on people. Life under water is alien to people. They enjoy being able to observe the unknown animals and plants up close in films, in museums or in the aquarium at home. The great interest is due not least to the increase in environmental pollution and the associated threat to marine life. Many visitors to the exhibitions have the feeling of being able to experience something that may soon no longer exist in this form.




Aquascaping - the art of natural aquarium design

Images of aquariums in old films or on family photos have little in common with the water worlds that aquarists create today. Aquascaping is the magic word!
The term aquascaping connects aquaristics with the English word "landscape" for landscape. Aquascaping is an art used in aquariums to create beautiful, natural-looking landscapes with mountains, hills and valleys. Aquacreates offers everything you need for the basics of aquascaping! In addition to roots such as pioneer wood, bog wood, mangrove or redwood hardwood, the aquascaper can also choose between stones such as dragon or lava stones and many other decorative objects.