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About 10 years ago went online - our claim: Maximum individuality in offer and service with the highest quality. Nothing has changed in this endeavor. The many satisfied customers in recent years have shown that we have been able to position ourselves strongly in the aquarium scene with this profile.

The aquarium hobby has never been as popular as it is today. And the range on offer has never been as diverse as it is today - the battle for the lowest prices has long gripped the aquarium industry - and The quality of the offer and service has a downright deflationary fate.

The desire and demand for quality and service has grown all the more in recent years. Hardly anything drives people more than the desire for trust.
And this is exactly why you, dear customer, came across our website!

Through years of dealing with a wide variety of decorative woods and other design elements, the knowledge about the individual components has grown steadily. It is our constant endeavor to meet customer requirements with maximum satisfaction.

Now it is particularly important to us to inspire you for the new accents in aquascaping. The art of aquascaping has established itself worldwide. Last but not least, national aquascaper competitions and publications of creative design examples spread enthusiasm and encourage more and more people to imitate and participate.

Thanks to improved online logistics, we will be able to offer you more products in the future, update our portfolio at shorter intervals and promise a smart overview. When looking for a special aquarium root, a clever product filter enables you to specify your wishes. In addition, larger product photos and additional payment functions offer another useful addition.

The contents of our website will be continuously updated in the near future. You can still find information about our products on our old website:

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Owner Daniel Walter