Real bog wood


Along with mangrove wood, bog wood is one of the best-known and most popular natural roots for decorating and furnishing aquariums. It was firmly established in the aquarium hobby decades ago and is now a real classic.



Real classic bog wood is rarely available in stores. Since a further decline in peat extraction must be expected in the future, the aquarium hobby will also experience a further decline in classic bog wood in the trade. In the long term, the aquarist will have to fall back on woods of comparable quality.
The root woods that are specifically sold online as bog wood or moor root are largely different wood that is not or only partially comparable.
The term "Moorkienholz" (german) and the like has become a synonym for all kinds of wood decorations in the aquarium hobby in the online trade in recent years. Often they are trade names without actually hiding Moorkienholz (bog wood). 

Real classic Moorkien wood impresses with its very individual optical character. The dark brown wood shimmers reddish after soaking. An unmistakable effect that makes the heart of every aquascaper beat faster.


Our REAL bog wood comes from raised bogs that are thousands of years old, in which long-term biochemical processes have resulted in the properties of the bog wood known to us today being preserved in a natural way and in a completely pollutant-free environment. This gives it its prominent property that it cannot rot even under water.
The real bog roots, some of which are up to 10,000 years old, are therefore a sought-after decoration, especially in the aquarium hobby.

Real bog wood is always characterized by a dark brown color due to the years of storage in bogs. The surface is mostly smooth with numerous grooves and sometimes shimmers reddish when watered. However, the surface can sometimes be roughened.
Real bog wood is relatively light, of a soft to medium-hard and fibrous consistency - ideally suited for wood-eating fish species!    
Handling in the aquarium:
Due to its low weight, the wood does not usually sink immediately and can be weighted down to help - e.g. with a stone. In order to minimize clouding of the aquarium water, we recommend watering the bog wood for several days before using it in the aquarium.
Slight discoloration of the aquarium water that turns amber, which can temporarily also occur after watering, is completely harmless and even desirable. These are humic acids that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and can thus enhance the water quality of your biotope.
We strongly advise against boiling the wood. This method of cleaning wood, popular among some aquascappers, is neither good nor necessary. Bog wood can be damaged by strong heat and later tend to rot.
After the root wood has set in the aquarium, the formation of a whitish-gray coating can occasionally be observed. This process is the result of a natural biological reaction and is completely harmless. Usually this disappears within a few days.



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