Slim Wood: Your aquarium on a new level

Create the most beautiful aquascapes with Slim Wood

Experience a new kind of aquascaping with our new Scaperholz Slim Wood. The very aesthetically appealing wood is reminiscent of the tides of life. It combines the beauty of nature with the originality of existence. Hardly any other wood conveys such a high degree of authenticity and aesthetics in one. From our point of view one of the most beautiful woods for aquascaping.




Natural and spectacular

Slim Wood is structurally reminiscent of the local bog pine wood, but is not in common with it. The tropical wood is significantly harder and heavier than bog wood. Some lighter specimens look similar to the popular redwood, but reveal far more detail upon closer inspection; the pieces are gnarled, often twisted into one another and thus appear even more natural and, above all, more spectacular.  




Why Slim Wood is the better alternative to Moorkienholz:

We are convinced; Slim Wood surpasses the domestic classic in quality many times over. The wood is even more resistant and remains stable even in very high temperature aquariums. This means that even fine structures such as fine lines or filigree ramifications lose their substance much more slowly, and the initial optical value is retained for years. Professional aquascapers are always on the lookout for particularly robust woods that will turn their aquascapes into real monuments. Slim Wood combines the various aspects of aesthetics and quality on a whole new level.  

Instructions for use in the aquarium:

  • can be used immediately in the aquarium.
  • partially sinks immediately, in case of possible buoyancy use a stone or similar. 
  • the water can become slightly cloudy at the beginning (humic substances).


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