African wood


Our real African hardwoods are a fascinating accessory in the field of aquarium and terrarium design. The exotic appearance with its sometimes bizarre structures makes this wood, which comes from Africa, a visual attraction. But not only that, because its extraordinary hardness (iron-like) gives it an extremely high resistance. Among the woods known for aquariums, this one is probably one of the most reliable natural woods of all. Our woods score with their comparatively simple way of using them. High quality standards allow immediate use in the aquarium. Above all, the pieces usually sink automatically in the aquarium without pre-watering.





Designation and origin:

Our African hardwood comes from the hot and dry desert regions of South Africa and includes different tree species. The hardwood is known as "savannah wood", "mopani wood", "guinea wood" and "opuwa wood".


Instructions for handling in the aquarium:

- Rinse thoroughly before using in the aquarium.
- Usually sinks immediately due to its high weight.
- the water can be slightly cloudy at the beginning (humic substances).


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African hardwood