Pioneer Wood, Teewood, Aquarium Root, Size "L", Exclusive - TE527

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Approximate dimensions: 58 x 35 x 41cm  

You will receive exactly the product shown here!

The root was photographed from different perspectives. The specified dimensions correspond to the list in the first picture.

Selected top quality:

✔ Sorted and individually checked for aquarium requirements
✔ Cleaned and sandblasted surface
✔ Not treated with chemicals
✔ Safe for shrimp and other sensitive aquarium inhabitants

Advantages over mangrove and bog woods:

- Stains the water less strongly
- Extremely durable, keeps its appearance for years
- Very suitable as a "stilt root"
- Looks very natural right from the start  

Individual features - Sorting "Exclusive":

  • Outstanding individual item with a particularly high attraction value
  • Extravagant through numerous branches and / or exceptionally aesthetic design
  • One of the nicest pieces we have available.
  • Suitable as a single piece or in combination with other elements
  • Creates a three-dimensional effect of depth through shadow effects
  • Creates the ideal basis for a varied living space