Aquascaping layout "Forest Premium" handmade L1

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Approximate dimensions: 41 x 25 x 31cm

Optical accents:

- Extremely numerous branches and therefore absolutely extravagant
- Very natural-looking thanks to the versatile surface structure     
- Very impressive impression due to the solid base and aesthetic design
- Can be optimally equipped with mosses, ferns and other plants
- Creates a three-dimensional effect of depth

For a varied living space:

- Several fissures as a space basis for fish and other living beings
- Promotes the individual behavior of the fish through its versatile structure  
- Numerous hiding and spawning options 
- Territory especially for smaller fish

Highest quality standard:

✔ Specially designed for aquariums
✔ Cleaned and sandblasted surface
✔ Not treated with chemicals
✔ Only glued with natural and water-resistant materials
✔ Safe for shrimp and other sensitive aquarium inhabitants