Aquarium bonsai / aquarium root / decoration / aquascaping - handmade! XB03

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Handmade bonsai replicas for aquariumsOur handcrafted bonsai replicas are absolute eye-catchers in every aquarium. Equipped with mosses or ferns, an unmistakable charm is created in the simplest way, which is characterized by an optimal composition of naturalness and extravagance. Hardly any other decorative object sets such impressive accents when creating an underwater landscape. In the aquascaper scene, our bonsai replicas are a very popular and fascinating option for aquarium design. Each and every one of our bonsai replicas is the result of extensive selection and manual work. They are not to be confused with desert wood or the wood of real bonsai trees, which should not be used in aquaristics. Our bonsai replicas are made of filigree premium hardwood and thus meet the highest quality requirements of our customers ( see table below). EXACTLY the bonsai replica shown here is delivered! Approx. Dimensions:> L: 18cm, D: 15cm, H: 17cm