Our filigree branched redwood roots are the absolute highlight in the field of aquarium design. The tropical aquarium wood impresses with its extreme diversity and extravagance. Hardly any other natural wood fits so harmoniously into the natural environment of an aquarium as this real root wood. Most of our specimens are real showpieces and some even make the aquarium a real eye-catcher. The wood is not only a fantastic accessory, it also fulfills indispensable functions within the biotope. In this way, it creates, among other things, the optimal basis for a varied living space. In particular, however, it meets the highest quality requirements of our customers, because hardly any other wood shows such good results in long-term tests in terms of durability (see below).



The high-pressure cleaned and sandblasted real wood is prepared for immediate use in the aquarium. An initial boost usually occurs after a short time. This product is ideal for catfish and other fish that need wood as a source of food. There is no danger even for very sensitive animals such as shrimp.

Our roots are delivered to you in a dry state and usually turn red-brown in color after watering.

Fascinating optics in the aquarium!

With our premium hardwood, which is especially suitable for aquariums, you are not only on the safe side in terms of quality, you also give your aquarium a very special look. The filigree root wood ripens like a good wine, because only when watered does it unfold its full optical effect. Under water, the initially somewhat karst-looking wood gradually takes on a soft red-brown color, which creates a particularly natural flair. This maturation process usually takes place within a few weeks.

After it has fully matured, this piece of nature has merged so harmoniously with the elements in the aquarium that it is indispensable!

Exceptionally robust!

The hardwood (rhododendron) from Asia cuts a particularly good figure in the long-term test. Even the local classic moor wood, which is already known for its high resistance, can hardly keep up. For years we have been comparing the development of the different woods in our discus aquariums and are convinced of the outstanding durability of hardwood. This applies in particular to the filigree branches, which with this wood can withstand several years of use without any problems. On the other hand, similar looking aquarium woods show clearly visible quality losses over the same period. The wood clearly fades and filigree branches peel off, sometimes after just a few months. Conventional, unsorted wood, which should not be used in aquariums, even loses its initial optical value almost completely within months. Our conclusion for the aquarist: If you are looking for particularly filigree branched specimens with good durability, this wood is the absolute optimum among the well-known aquarium woods.

 Our long-term test:



Notes on use in the aquarium:

- Can be used immediately in the aquarium.
- Should be weighted down with a stone or something similar in the beginning so that it does not float up.
- the water can be slightly cloudy at the beginning (humic substances).
- Temporarily forms a whitish coating in the initial phase.


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